A lot went on in my life as the autumn of 2014 stretched into winter - fertile ground for a writer. Other than truth being stranger that fiction, maybe some of it wouldn't be believable. Or repeatable. A diagnosis of something called ppms, more elsewhere, meant a different kind of decision making. With the continued belief of a deep friend, encouragement from a bunch of talented writers at the Montpellier Writers' Group and by the grace of god finding a quality editor, as often with these things on my doorstep all along, evolved me into brushing the dust off my most forward novel and publishing it on Kindle. Aside for a bit of S&M, no, Sales and Marketing, it costs the price of a UK pint of beer and 25% goes to charity. See the footer for details of the caritable venture.

The opportunity to cut my costs and out of necessity if I wanted to keep my mate Zen, my friends Nic and Jez McNally offered to put me up at their gaff in Spain. At the turn of the year, my birthday is bookended by Chrismas and the New Year and my flight from the life that I had lived from about 48, 49 to this, my 53rd winter could come to a close and I could draw a line. From hereon in until my shuffling off this mortal coil I shall spend my days writing for a living.

The first thing I was cornered into publishing - cornered by my own lack of belief, not by the MWG - you can get from my poetry page. Here will be the engine of my success, or otherwise. My fiction.

The site isn't fully formed yet so please bear with me.
My friend Duncan and I are working towards a different way of rendering large bodies of text on the web so this site might be stuttering a little while yet as we form that thinking and its implementation but bear with me.
The first few chapters of each novel are - will be - avaiable through the nav on the left. Optimistically there will also be a link to buy the full text, either through one of the major outlets of if you fancy a private sale from the nav on the right; if you leave me some details I'll personalise your copy and mail it in PDF format direct to you.

A note on Lock On. Represnted by the weapon.
It was written between 1989 when I had a few months to kill when I was waiting to get out of the Army and about 1996. It has suffered many wraithful changes.
The last incarnation, completed before I had embarked on my university-course-equivalent of reading, and part of a distance learning course (the second novel derived from the lessons of this course is the one ten years and many drafts, a few changes of name, too, that became Chassing the Dark Clouds and my first forray into Kindle Direct Publishing). The original Lock On you can get on Leanpub [where I shall serialise my novel about dogs when I am on track], all of the royalties go to our charitable venture Shepherding the Mind. Because it was written before I learned my craft, if you buy the book in that incarnation I will send you the new re-write (but don't hold your breath it's only two chapters in ... and on the back burner ...) heavily discounted.

Happy reading.
Feel free to mail me any comments, observations ideas or errors.